Shadowcatcher by Eric Ewazen

This recording is from a live performance with the USAF Heritage of America Brass Quintet accompanied by the USAF Heritage of America Band.  I'm pretty sure this was in late 1999 or early 2000.  The Piece is "Shadowcather" by Eric Ewazen for brass quintet with wind ensemble accompaniment.  

The trumpets are myself and Michael Huff.  Jemmie Robertson is playing trombone, Phil Burke the tuba and David Crites on horn.  All are great players and we had an intense time working together.

We had performed this every other night on tour and I remembered it going very well.  I reached out a few years back to the former audio tech of the band to see if he might be able to get me a copy of one of the tour recordings.  Graciously he found a recording and sent it my way.  It wasn't one of the tour recordings, it was one from a performance at an MENC conference a couple of days later.  I was bummed because I had remember that performance being a tough night for me.  Sometimes the trumpet is like a nice old friend and can anticipate your every move.  This was not such a night.

Listening to this so many years removed it doesn't seem nearly as painful as I had remembered and I'm glad to have it.  Either way it was a lot of fun playing and seemed like a good first recording to toss up here.

I hope you enjoy it!