Phil plays trumpet. I used to play trumpet. All I can do know is play my college fight song when I get and I'm damn good at it too. You know why? Because I played it 5000 times in college. You know why I played it so many times in college? Because I played all four years after high school. You know why I continued to play after high school? Because I was good. You know why I was good? Because Phil pushed me to become better.

He didn't make me better, I made me better! Anybody is capable of telling you which exercises to practice or how out of tune you sound but this guy inspires change. He doesn't know it, because I've never told him, but he directly enhanced a large part or my college experience. I never would have had the experiences I did or the friends I have today without listening to this . By the time I made it to my senior year in college, I placed third overall in a major collegiate program thanks to the foundation that he helped me create in high school. I wasn't even in school to study music!

I have since strayed away from the trumpet life but I can still fumble my way through all twelve major scales because of my time studying with him. Keep up the good work, Phil. Cheers.

You're welcome , I'll look for my check in the mail.

Dan Castellanos

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Thanks Dan. I always loved your sense of humor!