Hello there, my name is Becky and I was Phil’s student from 6th grade until I graduated high school (2006-2013).

I could probably a novel of how highly I think of Phil Holland as a great instructor, player, and overall human being. Our relationship was more than student-teacher; it was definitely friend-friend. Phil has taught me the beauty of music and the trumpet. I credit him to all of my success in All-Region Band, Solo & Ensemble, band placements, and chair tests. His love for the trumpet has inspired me to go back into band at college and continue have to music in my life even as non-music major. However, his lessons have gone beyond trumpet and music. This man became my life coach and a second father figure. I’m sure that there aren’t many adult male trumpet teachers out there that would have listened to my female high school problems.

This man has helped me improve my self-image and confidence that I continue to carry today. I thank God for having Phil as a great teacher, role model, and friend. I promise that you will not regret taking lessons from Phil Holland.

You’re the best, Phil. Thank you.

Becky Dowd