2017 TMEA Region 24 Middle School Etudes

Here are this year's all region middle school etudes for Region 24.  TMEA Region 24 includes Frisco, Little Elm, Prosper and of course Plano where I teach.  I'll be adding some practice break down videos as well to help with your preparation.  If you have any questions about trouble spots please be sure to let me know.

Remember to never start from the beginning when you're learning new etudes.  Take them a few measures at a time from the end.  By the time you get to the beginning your favorite sections will be the last phrases.  Take things slowly.  Go slower than you think you need to.  Play smaller sections than you think you need to.  Record yourself often.  

Good luck!


It is foolish to practice groups of measure containing measures you have not yet learned.

2017 TJEA All State Jazz Trumpet Etude 2


2017 TJEA All State Jazz Trumpet Etude 3


WURM 23 2017 TMEA All Region Trumpet Etude

This is Wurm etude #23, the third of the 2017 TMEA All-State trumpet etudes. Enjoy your preparation. Remember, all three etudes have one crucial common ingredient. In order to play them with ease and beauty you must be taking care of business with your TRUMPET playing. Don't make the common mistake of focus on the etudes at the expense of your trumpet playing. Be focused and consistent DAILY with your routine. The etudes will take care of themselves.

Good Luck!



WURM 7 2017 TMEA All Region Trumpet Etude

Here's the recording of Wurm 7. It's short and sweet. Mind the accents and more importantly, don't accent notes that are not accented. Trumpet has built in staccato...blow through those sixteenth notes to avoid getting tongue tied. Good luck in your preparation!