2017 TJEA All State Jazz Trumpet Etude 3


WURM 23 2017 TMEA All Region Trumpet Etude

This is Wurm etude #23, the third of the 2017 TMEA All-State trumpet etudes. Enjoy your preparation. Remember, all three etudes have one crucial common ingredient. In order to play them with ease and beauty you must be taking care of business with your TRUMPET playing. Don't make the common mistake of focus on the etudes at the expense of your trumpet playing. Be focused and consistent DAILY with your routine. The etudes will take care of themselves.

Good Luck!



WURM 35 2017 TMEA All Region Trumpet Etude

This is a great etude with plenty of opportunity to show your uniqueness! Good luck in your preparation. The other two etudes will be posted soon. Be sure to check back here. Let me know if you have any questions about getting this piece whipped into shape in the comments.


2014 ATSSB Trumpet Etude 1 (Voxman Selected Studies)

This is a recording of the first ATSSB Trumpet etude for 2014.  It is from the Voxman Selected Studies for Trumpet book page 2.  The Adagio Cantabile by Galay recording is the required section from measure 3 of line 2 to the first note of measure 3 on line 8.

This is year "D" according the the ATSSB designation.

i just reordered this one and the second etude will be up here soon!

You can find the 2014 TMEA recording at the links below.

The 2014 TJEA recordings are at this link.

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This is the third and final 2014 TMEA trumpet etude.  It is Etude 38 from the Wurm 40 Studies book.  

You can hear the previously recorded two etudes in earlier blog posts.  Check just below for the links.  Hopefully the full reference recordings will be helpful.  I will also be posting regular practice notes in the Simple Trumpet Podcast.  Subscribe by clicking here.  I'll be recording my simplification studies applied to the TMEA etudes.

The Etudes are challenging but most importantly...don't neglect your daily trumpet maintenance and growth!

If you're here looking for the TJEA Trumpet etudes for Texas All-State Jazz you'll find them here.

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The Wurm Etudes are in the public domain so I am attaching a PDF of them here.  Help yourself.