WURM 23 2017 TMEA All Region Trumpet Etude

This is Wurm etude #23, the third of the 2017 TMEA All-State trumpet etudes. Enjoy your preparation. Remember, all three etudes have one crucial common ingredient. In order to play them with ease and beauty you must be taking care of business with your TRUMPET playing. Don't make the common mistake of focus on the etudes at the expense of your trumpet playing. Be focused and consistent DAILY with your routine. The etudes will take care of themselves.

Good Luck!



WURM 7 2017 TMEA All Region Trumpet Etude

Here's the recording of Wurm 7. It's short and sweet. Mind the accents and more importantly, don't accent notes that are not accented. Trumpet has built in staccato...blow through those sixteenth notes to avoid getting tongue tied. Good luck in your preparation!


WURM 35 2017 TMEA All Region Trumpet Etude

This is a great etude with plenty of opportunity to show your uniqueness! Good luck in your preparation. The other two etudes will be posted soon. Be sure to check back here. Let me know if you have any questions about getting this piece whipped into shape in the comments.


2014 TMEA Trumpet Étude 2 (WURM 36)

This is Etude 36 from the Wurm 40 Studies book and is the second required Etude for the 2014 TMEA All-Region/State contest.

2014 TMEA Trumpet Étude 1 (Wurm 26)

I'll have the other two etudes (36 & 38) up here on the blog in a few days.  I hope you'll subscribe to my podcast also.  These are tough etudes and I will be publishing weekly practice outlines here for my students and any one else who finds them useful.  

Although there is ample time between now and the 2014 All-Region audition, that time will fly by.  With your time being divided between marching band, academics, social life and your other pursuits a training plan is a must for eliminating the element of chance.  Every year I talk with my students about the number of weeks until the audition divided by the number of measures to learn in each etude.  If you commit to calm,  patient and methodical practice of a specific number of measures per week you can still devote the essential time to your daily routine and trumpet studies.  The podcasts on these etudes will cover those small weekly amounts.

Texas requires etudes that lean towards the technical extreme of even very mature high school trumpeters.  Although the challenge is sure to push the technique of many trumpeters, others are overwhelmed and lose ground where their simple fundamentals are concerned.

A small amount of planning mixed with stable consistency will see you through this trap.


The audition etudes are but a window to view your musicianship and abilities with your trumpet.  They are not a means to an end.


If you haven't picked up your Wurm 40 Studies yet you can get yours on Amazon here.